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Melissa Barker, International Speaker & Author

Melissa is a captivating speaker that brings topics to life. She has a unique ability to connect with any audience and make even the most complex topics easy to understand. Every talk is packed with powerful insight and actionable takeaways. 

Melissa is an industry leading digital marketer and negotiations expert. She has been a keynote and sought after speaker for events such as ITEXPO, Digital Summit, InnoTech, and more. Her expertise and inviting manner makes her an ideal speaker for your next event.

Signature Topics

How to Stop Underselling Yourself

Learn how to overcome fear and start telling a captivating story that makes people want to work with you. This session will take you through how to develop a powerful pitch and negotiation fundamentals that will make you unstoppable.

Building Your Brand on Social Media

Ready to cut through the noise and reach prospective customers on social media? In this in-depth session on social media, you'll learn what makes a brand successful on social media and how to get (and keep) the attention of your ideal clients.

Speaking Experience

Keynotes & Mainstage Speaking

  • Negotiation for Women Series at Hatch Innovation (Portland)
  • Power Up Your Business Summit for Women (Portland)
  • H-Roc (Nonprofit for Women in Politics) Summit (Portland, Oregon)
  • Oregon Small Business Fair's 25th Annual Conference (Portland)
  • New Leaders Council Summit (Portland)
  • Digital Summit (Los Angeles)
  • I Heart Marketing (San Francisco)
  • I Heart Marketing (New York)
  • I Heart Marketing (London)
  • InnoTech Oregon (Portland)
  • ITEXPO (Miami)
  • CFDD (Credit & Financial Development Division) Summit (Portland)
  • PDXfX (Portland Female Executives) Roundtable (Portland)
  • Social Fresh Conference (Tampa)

Panel Speaking

  • Thoroughly Modern Marketing Panel (Portland, Oregon)
  • Innovation in Motion Panel (Portland, Oregon)

Television Appearances

  • KGW News (NBC Affiliate) Channel 8, Portland, OR: Tech Box: Social Media Pitfalls
  • KGW News (NBC Affiliate) Channel 8, Portland, OR: Tech Box: Your Online Presentation
  • KGW News (NBC Affiliate) Channel 8, Portland, OR: Expert advice for cleaning up online profiles
  • KGW News (NBC Affiliate) Channel 8, Portland, OR: Social Media Policy Issue

Podcasts & Webinars

College & Graduate School - Guest Lectures

  • Atkinson Graduate School of Management - Lecture "Social Media Best Practices"
  • OSU (Oregon State University) - Lecture "Building Your Brand on LinkedIn"
  • WSU (Washington State University) - Lecture "Social Media Strategy"
  • SFCC (Spokane Falls Community College) - Lecture "New Business Marketing"

Women Rise Podcast

Women Rise Podcast


Melissa's workshop on how to stop underselling yourself and negotiation was packed with both guided action exercises and valuable information on negotiating. Afterwards I felt emboldened to work through my tendencies to shrink away from confrontation and to give my clients favors that they literally never asked for. Your workshop was relatable, encouraging, and included great content I hadn't experienced elsewhere—you're a pro. 

- Jen Wick, Owner at Fort Wick

Melissa is clearly an expert on social media marketing and she speaks with confidence, clarity, and enthusiasm. We were amazed at how she was able to tailor her presentation to the time allotted while making sure that she hit all the key points that would be valuable to our wedding professionals. She captivated our attention and communicated the content in a way that was effective and fun and easy to understand. Melissa did an excellent job of reading the audience and her interactive style made sure to hit the specific questions and concerns of those present. We are still hearing from vendors who are thanking us for this extremely valuable class that was led by Melissa. She was truly amazing!   

- Beth Behler, Owner at The Art of Weddings

Melissa is one of the most prepared and articulate presenters one could ask for. She helped craft the panel discussion questions and was able to ensure the discussion was relatable to the industry we were discussing and the experience of those in the audience. I would be honored to have Melissa speak at any event in the future.

- Michelle Winnett, Sr Director of Product Marketing at Ruby Receptionists

I've had the pleasure of attending many of Melissa's trainings on marketing + selling and they have had a huge impact in my business. I used to feel slimy when selling my services even though I knew I could offer great value to my clients. From Melissa's trainings I now look forward to sales calls and sharing my skills and knowledge through marketing. Right after I attended her "Power Up Your Business" training I signed a client for a full custom web package who I'd been going back and forth with for two weeks! I HIGHLY recommend Melissa.

- Alexandra Greiner, Graphic Design Consultant

I attended one of Melissa's workshops, and the very next day I was able to apply what I learned! I gave a friend some just-in-time career advice, and used the pitch we crafted during the workshop to confidently create an Instagram post advertising my personal finance coaching. It felt very empowering. 

-Naomi Veak, Lead Training Manager at


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