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Social Media 360

Find out how you compare to your competitors, learn why your social media isn't converting and uncover opportunities to generate leads. The social media 360 includes a social media audit and competitor analysis, strategy development and tactical best practices for implementation to take your social media marketing to the next level.

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Social Selling Training

Over 70% of all salespeople - and 90% of top salespeople - use social media to sell.* Get customized social selling training for your sales team. Learn how to effectively prospect on social media and nurture prospects through the funnel with social media. Get your sales team closing deals faster and improve customer loyalty with social media. 

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Executive Branding on Social Media

82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose executives use social media.** As an executive, everything you do online is an extension of your company's brand. Get help developing your brand and content strategy as an executive to showcase your unique voice and establish thought leadership for your business. One-on-one training and ongoing support offered.

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Case Studies & Copywriting

77% of buyers in the evaluation stage cited case studies as the most influential content.*** Although important, it is not easy to find the time or resources to interview happy customers and create compelling case studies. Get help from an expert interviewer and storyteller to conduct interviews and create powerful customer case studies for your business. You're only 2 weeks away from having a new case study!

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As part of our Sales Enablement program, all sales employees were required to go through Melissa's social selling program. In rolling out Melissa's social sales training, we trained over a 100 sales reps globally to improve their prospecting and thought leadership. This drove great early stage pipeline, and higher quality deals.

- Max, Director of Revenue Operations & Enablement

Melissa proved to be a great strategic partner for creating a foundation for social media efforts. She conducted a thorough audit of our channels and identified key areas of opportunity, and delivered a competitive audit as well. She also equipped us with a crisis communications plan. In the rare instances I came up with a question or situation for which she didn't have an immediate answer, she researched it and figured out a solution. She's enthusiastic, energetic and positive. I highly recommend her. 

- Suzame, Senior Director of Brand and Corporate Communications

After performing an initial audit of OPB’s social presence, Melissa quickly established a set of metrics to measure OPB’s social media effectiveness and began a series of best practices workshops that were tailored to the needs of core content groups. Her attention to detail and intimate understanding of key drivers in the social space kept her very busy as an internal consultant and advisor for elevating engagement. Melissa’s gracious style and strong work ethic made her an invaluable asset to furthering our growing digital community. 

- Paul, Vice President of Marketing

I have never met a person more in tune with social media marketing than Melissa Barker. It’s not just her job, but her passion. Melissa is knowledgeable in all facets of B2B and B2C social media marketing. An effective leader, teacher and coach, she has helped my organization grow its online marketing presence, maximizing our brand awareness.

— Gregory, Managing Partner

Melissa helped us gain clarity around strategic marketing objectives, information and data needs, KPI's, Analytics as well as dashboards and performance reporting. Melissa's ability to work seamlessly across different projects and aspects of the business is a rare find.  I cannot recommend Melissa enough. She is simply a superstar in her field. 

- James, Global Business Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics

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*Statistics from the Aberdeen Group and LinkedIn

**Statistics from the MSL Group and Magnet Media Labs

***Statistics from the Content Marketing Institute and Hawkeye Study