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Scott Crosby Joins Own Point of Sale Board of Advisors

The co-founder of Google Analytics joins the Own Point of Sale advisory board.

Ann Arbor, Michigan — September 8, 2011 — Own Point of Sale, maker of the world’s first social point of sale is thrilled to announce that the co-founder of Google Analytics, Scott Crosby, has joined its advisory board. Scott is the second advisory board member at Own Point of Sale after Peter Chane, the Director of Business Development for Google Chrome OS.

“We are fortunate and excited to work with an analytics legend,” said Verdi Ergün, President of Own Point of Sale, “Scott’s world-class understanding of analytics is a tremendous asset to our company.”

Crosby created and founded the world’s most widely used analytics system, Google Analytics. In addition, Crosby is the COO at Euclid, whose product Crosby describes as conceptually analogous to Google Analytics for the physical world. The Euclid customer base includes retailers, mall owners, and venue operators alike. Both Own and Euclid have the same end goal: to change the world of retail for the better. “The work at Euclid is the next great innovation in retailer-consumer understanding,” said Ergün.

“I am delighted to be advising the team that’s building the world’s first social point of sale system,” said Crosby. “The product is beautiful. Comparing Own to traditional POS systems is a joke. It’s like an iPhone 4 vs. a rotary-dial telephone, no contest.”

About Own Point of Sale

Own Point of Sale Corporation is a provider of the world’s first social point of sale system that runs entirely on a tablet. The Company started in 2009 when restaurant owner Verdi Ergün was frustrated by his point of sale system at the Burrito Joint in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Own Point of Sale is used by businesses across the United States and Canada, with offices in Detroit, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

About Euclid

Euclid is a venture-backed startup based in Palo Alto, California. The Company’s goal is to digitize real-world behavior at scale. Euclid’s product is the first analytics system to track unique visitors in retail environments. The customer base includes stores, mall owners, and venue operators of many kinds. Underlying the technology is a commitment to protecting privacy — all of Euclid’s analytics are anonymous, aggregated, and bucketed. Visit euclidelements.com for more information.

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